Farewell Autumn Collection- Welcome Christmas delicacies

Farewell Autumn Collection- Welcome Christmas delicacies

Farewell Autumn Collection- Welcome Christmas delicacies

With Christmas fast approaching, we are getting ready to say goodbye to our trusty autumn collection of cakes - to make space for new festive creations! We've loved this autumn in the patisserie, with cabinets filled withmushrooms, banoffee tarts and chouxs in every imaginable flavour, but we are equally excited to announce that our much-anticipated Christmas Collection is about to make its grand debut!


However, before we dive into our upcoming Christmas delights, let's take a moment to say adieu to our beloved Autumn Collection. We've loved this season in the patisserie, and the warm, comforting flavours that have come to define it. With cabinets full of banoffee tarts, figs, and choux pastries in every imaginable flavour, serving pastries to our loyal customers every day has been a true delight.


And who can forget our star attraction this autumn, the boletus and fly-agaric mushrooms? Seeing the look on people's faces as they first spot these beauties has been nothing short of joyous! If you were one of the many who were mesmerised by these fungi friends, make sure to come in tomorrow or Tuesday to taste them one last time. Or if you have been a silent admirer until now, now's the chance to treat yourself! 


While we're sad to see these go, we are even more excited for you all to taste our Christmas collection! Pistachio pastries in the shape of Christmas trees, milk chocolate pinecones, and glossy baubles are only some of the delicacies that will be available at SugarFall this Christmas Season.


 Whether you're coming in for a treat after a day of Christmas shopping or showing a loved one you care through the universal language of cake, we are here to add that extra sparkle. Let's make this festive season truly unforgettable! 


Christmas Patisserie cake Collection 2023


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