Valentine's Day at SugarFall Patisserie 2023
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Valentine's Day at SugarFall Patisserie 2023

Valentine's Day at SugarFall Patisserie 2023


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and there's nothing more romantic than indulging in a sweet treat with your loved one. Whether you're planning a special date night at home or a surprise for your sweetheart, a delicious dessert can add the perfect touch to your celebration of love.

At our patisserie, we believe that love deserves to be celebrated in all its forms, and what better way to do that than with a tempting treat. This year, surprise your loved one with our special Valentine's Day selection, featuring a range of decadent petit gateaux and tarts, each crafted with the finest ingredients and a touch of love.

If you're looking for a traditional sweet treat, our heart-shaped petit gateau is a classic choice. This cake is sure to win your loved one's heart. For a more modern twist, try our Raspberry Macaron cake made with fresh and sweet raspberries, our macarons are filled with a decadent combination of raspberry jam and Mascarpone vanilla cream.

For a unique and unexpected treat, our passion fruit and coconut cake is the perfect choice. With its bright and tangy passion fruit insert and a light and fluffy coconut sponge and coconut mousse, this cake is a celebration of love in every bite. And if your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, our Caramel "Rich" cake is a must-try. With its velvety smooth caramel filling, a crispy sweet crunchy pecan nuts, and cover with milk chocolate glaze, the cake is the ultimate indulgence.


At our patisserie, we know that every couple is different, which is why we offer a range of flavours to suit every taste. Whether you prefer fruity, chocolatey, or creamy treats, we have something for everyone. Our expert patissiers have a passion for creating the most delicious desserts, and each petit gateau and tart is made with care and attention to detail.

For a truly personalized experience, visit our shop and pick your favourite gateaux from our display. Our prices will vary depending on your selected treats, but rest assured, every one is crafted with the same care and attention to detail. And if you're looking for a special gift, our selection boxes and Valentine Cake are the perfect desserts of the choice. Available in a variety of sizes, our boxes feature a curated assortment of our most popular petit gateaux and tarts, so you can sample a range of flavours in one go.

This Valentine's Day, surprise your sweetheart with a sweet treat that they'll never forget. Whether you're indulging in a romantic date night at home or sending a special gift, our patisserie has something for everyone. So why wait? Order your Valentine's Day treats today and show your loved one just how much you care.

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