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Introducing our Banoffee Tart, a luxurious take on the beloved British dessert that melds the rich flavours of banana, toffee, and cream into a singular, indulgent experience. This culinary masterpiece is perfect for those who desire the comforting taste of home, elevated by the artistry of fine patisserie. The foundation of this delectable tart is our meticulously crafted tart shell. Made from the highest quality ingredients, the shell is baked to golden perfection, offering a buttery, flaky base that holds the sumptuous fillings beautifully. Nestled within the tart shell is a layer of Dulce de Leche, a caramel-like sauce that provides a rich, sweet contrast to the creamy and fruity elements that follow. At the heart of the tart is a generous layer of banana slices, their natural sweetness and soft texture making each bite a comforting embrace. Crowning the tart is our Vanilla Mascarpone Cream—a blend of mascarpone, whipping cream, and vanilla. This luscious cream adds a luxurious finish, creating a perfect harmony of flavours. To complete this culinary artwork, the tart is dusted with a fine layer of cacao powder and adorned with intricate chocolate decorations, adding both aesthetic appeal and an extra hint of chocolatey goodness.
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