Bedtime Blend | Loose Leaf Tea
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Bedtime Blend | Loose Leaf Tea | Herbal Infusion Retail Pack (50g) Sale

Our Bedtime Blend isn’t just another sleep tea.

We carefully balanced ingredients that help aid sleep (Passionflower, Oat) with ingredients that help you relax and improve your mood (Lavender, Rose Petals, Camomile), to bring you a brew that gives you a good nights’ sleep, and helps you feel good the next day too.

So you can sleep well, and wake up feeling refreshed the next day, without a hint of grogginess.

Packaging: 100% Plastic Free and Compostable. Simply place in your Food Waste Bin when finished.

Ingredients:Oat Flowering Tops, Camomile, Elderflower, Passion Flower Leaf, Rose Petals and Lavender
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