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Indulge in a truly unique and delectable experience with our Pistachio Rose pastry. Light, airy, and simply irresistible, this pastry is a harmonious blend of the finest ingredients, including a delicate pistachio and white chocolate mousse, a luscious raspberry cremeux, and a soft pistachio dacquoise.

Each and every one of our desserts is meticulously made by our pastry chefs, who take great care to use only the finest and most seasonal ingredients. With its flawless harmony of flavours and textures that will titillate your taste buds, the Pistachio Rose is no exception.

The smooth and velvety texture of the light and creamy pistachio mousse perfectly pairs with the sweet and tart raspberry cremeux. Your mouth will start watering when you add the soft and crumbly pistachio dacquoise, which has pistachio nuts and gives it a satisfying crunch.

So why wait? Treat yourself or a loved one to the sweet and decadent delight of our Pistachio Rose pastry. Whether you're looking for a special dessert to complete a romantic dinner, or simply a sweet treat to enjoy on your own, our Pistachio Rose is sure to satisfy.
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