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A selection of 2 different individual petit gateaux perfect for Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine's Day, we offer a special selection of petit gateaux, each with a unique flavour profile. The Feather: A sophisticated blend of hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee flavours, perfect for those who enjoy intricate tastes.
Romance: This petit gateau features a decadent brownie base topped with milk chocolate crèmeux and a heart of vibrant blackcurrant gel, creating a rich and romantic flavour experience.
Cupid's Heart: At its core, this cake has a smooth coconut mousse and a sour Morello cherry compote. It sits on a coconut dacquoise base, offering a crunchy texture that complements the creamy layers.
Love Bear: Starting with a silky coconut mousse layer, this petit gateau contains a sour yuzu and passionfruit crèmeux at its centre and is finished with a mango and vanilla compote. The coconut dacquoise base adds a light, nutty touch.
Vegan Heart: A vegan delight with a strawberry insert at its heart, surrounded by a luxurious strawberry and coconut mousse. The coconut base adds a tropical hint and balances the flavours beautifully.
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