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  • Two New Exclusive cakes available for
    March 4th - March 10th

  • Mother's Day Pre-Orders Open!

Two New Exclusive cakes available for
March 4th - March 10th

Mother's Day Pre-Orders Open!

Mother's Day Pre-Orders
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Mother's Day

Mother's day Afternoon tea Mother's day Afternoon tea
Book Afternoon Tea Book Afternoon Tea
Mother's Day Selection Box of 2 Mother's Day Selection Box of 2
Mother's Day Selection Box of 2
Regular price £16.20
    Mother's Day Macaron bag of 5 Mother's Day Macaron bag of 5
    Mother's Day Macaron bag of 5
    Regular price £9.50
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      Discover the Perfect Balance of Taste and Elegance
      At Sugarfall Patisserie

      Petit - Gateaux

      French for "little cakes," petit gateaux are a delicious and elegant dessert that are ideal for special events and small social groups. These little cakes are painstakingly made in multiple steps, starting with the baking of the sponge or dacquoise base, followed by the preparation of a delicious insert, the creation of a creamy mousse filling, the layering of the layers, and the application of a glaze or velvet spray. A delicate cream design piped on top, a dusting of gold leaf, some fresh berries, or a chocolate adornment made by hand are frequently the finishing touches.

      The distinctive and imaginative flavours of Petit - Gateaux range from the traditional vanilla to daring and adventurous pairings like coffee and chocolate, passionfruit and mango, or even earl grey tea. They can also be produced in a range of forms, hues, and sizes.

      Look no further than Petit - Gateaux if you're searching for a unique dessert that's both spectacular and delicious. These tiny works of art are created by bakers and pastry chefs who come up with original concepts and work relentlessly to make them a reality in small but very productive kitchens. Petit - Gateaux are the ideal choice whether you're trying to indulge yourself, impress guests at a dinner party, or mark a special occasion.

      You're likely to find a Petit - Gateau that you'll adore, whether you enjoy classic taste combinations or would rather be more daring. These miniature cakes are the height of sophistication and elegance, and they are the ideal garnish for any special occasion. Why then wait? Enjoy a Petit Gateau today to taste a little bit of gourmet paradise!

      As a result, Petit Gateaux are miniature cakes that are expertly prepared, combining a range of tastes and textures to provide a distinctive and unforgettable delicacy. Petit - Gateaux are the ideal choice for any special occasion or small gathering because of their stunning design and delicious flavour. Why not give one a try right now and experience the Petit Gateaux's charm for yourself?

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      Celebration cakes
      Any significant occasion, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, and other life milestones, need celebration cakes. These cakes not only provide your party a little more charm, but they also help you make enduring memories that you'll treasure for years to come. Our staff guarantees to make your celebration special as Glasgow's premier French patisserie by creating a celebration cakes that is both gorgeous and delectable.

      From traditional French Entremets to sponge cakes and tarts, our bakery offers a wide variety of fresh and delectable celebration cakes. Every one of our cakes is meticulously prepared from the finest ingredients, ensuring that the rich flavour and delicate flavours are present in every bite. We provide a selection of cakes to fit your taste, whether you're searching for a classic flavour or something different.

      Along with our mouth-watering cakes, we also provide Glasgow, UK residents with quick and easy Birthday Cake Delivery Glasgow. Our crew is committed to making every event unique, therefore we make every effort to deliver your cake on schedule and in excellent shape. Our quick, dependable, and reasonably priced delivery service makes it simple for you to enjoy your cake delivery Glasgow in time for your major event.

      We also have candles in Glasgow shop, which are available both online and in-store, for individuals who want to add an extra dash of magic to their celebration. These candles will help create the right atmosphere for your special day and go perfectly with your Celebration Cakes. These candles are the ideal approach to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that everyone will enjoy because of their pleasant aroma.

      For all your celebration needs, our French patisserie in Glasgow is the ideal option. Celebration Cakes are a crucial component of any special occasion. We're here to make your celebration unforgettable with a large selection of delectable flavours, speedy delivery options, and plenty of candles. We're here to help you celebrate in style, whether you're searching for a birthday cakes, wedding cake, or something unique for a milestone. Why then wait? Come see us today to begin organising your upcoming significant event!

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      Enjoy the time-honored custom of British Afternoon Tea, served in Scotland with a hint of French pastry. Through our distinctive traditional British Afternoon Tea, SugarFall Patisserie aims to give each of its guests a pleasurable and memorable experience.

      Our tea not only has a pleasing appearance but also has a flavour that will have you wanting more. We have something for everyone, from the delicate flavour of our Loose Leaf Teas to the sweetness of our French pastries. Every single dish on our menu is expertly prepared and baked to order right before it is brought to you. Maximum freshness and an outstanding flavour are therefore guaranteed.

      We provide a variety of French patisseries in addition to our conventional British Afternoon Tea, including traditional macarons, cakes, and tarts. The best ingredients are used to create each of our pastries, which are then expertly baked to create a pastry that is both aesthetically beautiful and delicious.

      With a menu that has been created to suit all tastes, SugarFall Patisserie is committed to provide an amazing tea experience in Scotland. Our kind and knowledgeable staff, along with our stylish and comfortable tea room, offer a setting that is ideal for a special occasion or just a leisurely day out.

      Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a loved one or just want to treat yourself, our traditional British Afternoon Tea and French Patisserie are the perfect way to do so. Come and join us for a memorable and delicious experience, that you'll want to repeat again and again. Our Traditional British Afternoon Tea and French pastry are the ideal way to treat yourself or a loved one, whether you're searching for a special gift or simply want to indulge. Join us for an unforgettable and delectable experience that you'll want to have repeatedly. Why then wait? The finest Traditional British Afternoon Tea and French pastry are available in Scotland when you reserve your table today!

      Love to give it a try at home. Within 15 miles of our shop, we deliver to the majority of Glasgow!

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      The Goods

      Coral Coral
      Regular price £8.10
        Blanche Blanche
        Regular price £8.10
          Apple Of Eden Apple Of Eden
          Apple Of Eden
          Regular price £7.90
            Raspberry Macaron Raspberry Macaron
            Raspberry Macaron
            Regular price £7.90
              Vegan Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Vegan Dark Chocolate & Raspberry
              Vegan Dark Chocolate & Raspberry
              Regular price £7.50
                Pistachio Rose Pistachio Rose
                Pistachio Rose
                Regular price £7.90
                  The Rich The Rich
                  The Rich
                  Regular price £7.90
                    White Chocolate Cheesecake White Chocolate Cheesecake
                    White Chocolate Cheesecake
                    Regular price £6.90
                      Tartelette Au Citron Tartelette Au Citron
                      Tartelette Au Citron
                      Regular price £6.90
                        Exotic Exotic
                        Regular price £7.90
                          White chocolate cheesecake Large White Chocolate Cheesecake
                          Large White Chocolate Cheesecake
                          Regular price £41.00
                            Pistachio & raspberry entremet Pistachio & raspberry entremet slice
                            Pistachio & Raspberry Entremet
                            Regular price £51.00
                              Black Forest Entremet Black Forest Cake
                              Black Forest Entremet
                              Regular price £48.00
                                Coconut & Passionfruit Coconut & Passionfruit
                                Coconut & Passionfruit
                                Regular price £51.00
                                  Large Raspberry Macaron Large Raspberry Macaron
                                  Large Raspberry Macaron
                                  Regular price £45.00
                                    Pavlova Pavlova
                                    Regular price £35.00
                                      Dark Chocolate Brownie Dark Chocolate Brownie
                                      Dark Chocolate Brownie
                                      Regular price £3.75
                                        Broken Milk Chocolate Broken Milk Chocolate
                                        Broken Milk Chocolate
                                        Regular price £6.55
                                          Shortbread Cookies Shortbread Cookies
                                          Shortbread Cookies
                                          Regular price £4.95
                                            Broken Dark Chocolate Broken Dark Chocolate
                                            Broken Dark Chocolate
                                            Regular price £6.55
                                              Belgian Chocolate Cookies Belgian Chocolate Cookies
                                              Belgian Chocolate Cookies
                                              Regular price £4.95
                                                Broken White Chocolate Broken White Chocolate
                                                Broken White Chocolate
                                                Regular price £7.55
                                                  Almond Biscotti Almond Biscotti
                                                  Almond Biscotti
                                                  Regular price £4.95

                                                    Our Story

                                                    After moving to beautiful Scotland and exploring nearly every Glasgow's city corner
                                                    we decided that the world of patisserie in Glasgow is very little discovered. And then the idea
                                                    was born. After hard work having the right skills and experience we managed to open something unique and modern at the birthday cakes Glasgow west end.. SugarFall Patisserie is a modern family run
                                                    shop creating the highest quality artisan patisserie & coffee. Everything we create is
                                                    handcrafted with great passion and attention to taste, quality & aesthetics. OUR MISSION - become a Best Patisserie Near Me in Scotland.

                                                    Read our story
                                                    Our Story
                                                    Visit SugarFall Patisserie

                                                    Visit SugarFall Patisserie

                                                    SugarFall Patisserie is best bakery Glasgow's premier patisserie destination.
                                                    Our cake shop Glasgow at 153 Byres Road, G12 8TS in Glasgow's vibrant West End offers a really one-of-a-kind experience for those looking for scrumptious, handmade pastries and locally roasted speciality artisan coffee.
                                                    Whether you're a local, a visiting tourist, or have just returned from a vacation, our pleasant staff is eager to serve you and share the sweet life with you.
                                                    We understand that everyone's dietary needs are different, which is why we provide gluten-free cakes, vegetarian pastries, and even vegan alternatives.
                                                    The goal of SugarFall Patisserie is to provide our customers with the highest quality pastry and coffee that are all produced with care and attention to flavour, quality, and appearance.
                                                    We really think that a small sweet treat may significantly improve someone's day, and it is our mission to put a smile on everyone's face who enters our establishment.
                                                    So why are you still waiting? Today, indulge in a tasty pastry or sip on a warm cup of specialty coffee at SugarFall Patisserie.

                                                    Your taste senses will appreciate you, we promise!

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