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SugarFall Patisserie: Discover the Magic of French Pastries and Chocolates in Glasgow

In the centre of Glasgow, Scotland, there is a distinctive and cutting-edge pastry business called SugarFall Patisserie. Aiste Berlinskaite and Karolis Juskenas, our pastry chefs, are devoted to providing the city the magic of French pastries and chocolates. They have pooled their knowledge and abilities with a passion for making the best sweets to provide Glasgow residents with something genuinely unique.
At SugarFall Patisserie, we believe that everyone deserves to treat themselves to something sweet and indulgent. That’s why we only use the finest ingredients, including Callebaut Belgian chocolate and the freshest berries, to create our delectable desserts. We also offer a variety of gluten-free options, so that everyone can enjoy our treats, regardless of dietary restrictions.
SugarFall Patisserie is committed to providing only the highest quality pastries and chocolates, as well as great customer service. Our pleasant team is always happy to help you choose the ideal treat.
So why not treat yourself to something sweet today? Visit us at SugarFall Patisserie and discover the magic of French pastries and chocolates in Glasgow. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, we guarantee that you will leave with a smile on your face and a sweet treat in your hand.
We look forward to serving you soon!

Pastry Chef Aiste Berlinskaite

Our pastry chef, Aiste Berlinskaite, has experience working in a variety of restaurants and patisseries and holds a diploma in patisserie. Years of experience working with other pastry chefs, attending culinary school, taking online classes, reading books, and experimenting in the kitchen have all helped her refine her craft. Aiste is committed to making the most inventive and mouthwatering pastries for our customers since she firmly believes that making sweets is an art form.

Chocolatier Karolis Juskenas

Karolis Juskenas, our chocolatier, was inspired by the best chocolate masters from the first day of the SugarFall Patisserie opening. He found his passion for chocolates and has been dedicated to creating the most unique and delicious chocolate treats ever since. Karolis is a master of his craft, melting chocolate with joy and striving for the best quality and most beautiful designs. He takes great pride in making every chocolate garnish by hand, ensuring that each and every treat is truly special.

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Our Story

After moving to beautiful Scotland and exploring nearly every Glasgow's city corner we decided that the world of patisserie in Glasgow is very little discovered. And then the idea was born. After hard work having the right skills and experience we managed to open something unique and modern at the West End. SugarFall Patisserie is a modern family run shop creating the highest quality artisan patisserie & coffee. Everything we create is handcrafted with great passion and attention to taste, quality & aesthetics. OUR MISSION - become a Best Patisserie in Scotland.
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